Small Business Buying and Selling

  • We specialise in business broking for people wanting to sell or buy a business in South East Qld, specialising in the Redland City Shire.
  • We provide good and prompt service to Buyers & Sellers. We treat each client confidentially and ensure that the Seller’s business or a Buyer’s identity is secure to the best of our ability.
  • Our aim is to have both the Seller and the Buyer satisfied with the business transfer process.
  • As business advisors, we offer `on the job advice to business owners or buyers when and where requested.
  • We help to guide clients to get businesses into a better financial positionto attract a buyer.
  • Also we can arrange for a business asset sale transfer where necessary. This activity allows the current owner to move on, with the minimum of stress, and provides the opportunity for the new tenant or owner to revitalise the business, providing a platform for this new person to on-sell the business at a later date, once the business has been turned around.
  • We prepare a business marketing strategy and a market appraisal selling price range.
  • Our office will arrange for finance interviews with prospective finance sources for buyers. We provide assistance to buyers with
  • strategies to help them to select businesses that could be considered.

Business Advice

We do provide assistance to landlords to lease properties. We do help where tenants need to move on regardless of circumstances. We aim to find a replacement tenant to take over or to renew commercial property leases. This activity takes pressure off both the lessor & lessee and we provide the base for a greater area of advertising / media coverage.