Small Business Buying and Selling

  • Donaldson Business Brokers specialises in business broking for people wanting to sell or buy a business in South East Qld, specialising in the Redland City Shire.
  • We provide good and prompt service to Buyers & Sellers. We treat each client confidentially and ensure that the Seller’s business or a Buyer’s identity is secure to the best of our ability.
  • Our aim is to have both the Seller and the Buyer satisfied with the business transfer process.
  • As business advisors, we offer `on the job advice to business owners or buyers when and where requested.
  • We help to guide clients to get businesses into a better financial position to attract a buyer.

Buying a restaurant/café or any other business?

Phone or email Donaldson Business Brokers and the first step will be to complete a Confidentiality Agreement and then all the information about that café / restaurant or other business will be available to you, address, staffing, and full financial details.  39

A visit to the café/restaurant / business premises will be organised to meet with the seller and find out about the operations of the business and check out the equipment.  A list of the inventory is prepared by Graeme.

Graeme accompanies all buyers and liaises with both parties in the viewing and purchasing process.  This may include meetings with the landlord or their agent.

This process applies to all businesses.

Do you want to sell your business? 

During the past 20 years that Graeme Donaldson has been operating Donaldson Business Brokers, there have been many satisfied business owners who have returned to Graeme multiple times to sell their businesses.

A must for selling your business is verified financial information, as buyers will only buy what they can see.  Graeme will meet with you, either at his office, or your business, depending on the need for confidentiality i.e. staff knowledge of the pending sale, to gather information and will provide advice on the market you are selling in and an estimate of the value of your business.  At the end of the day the sale price is the seller’s decision.

A listing fee will be discussed and a contract to sell set in place prior to any advertising of your business.