• All potential Buyers will be assisted to find a business that suits their selected business type/style and budget range. We provide strategies and a process of assessing the business, so you are fully informed about business/businesses that you are exploring.
  • Our sale contract ensures that the Buyer receives a trial period to prove turnover and to complete a due-diligence period.
  • Our process will minimise the risks of your important business buying decision.
  • We will spend the time with you to assist in finding the business that is right for you.
  • Our approach will help to guide you in the selection of the type of that you should focus on.
  • We can assist you with an introduction to reputable finance sources, solicitors and accountants, if required.
  • We have a large and wide selection of all types of businesses to select from.
  • We will take you to the businesses that you select for inspection and to meet with the current owner or landlord
  • Our office will prepare a draft sale contract for your approval. We will assist you during your business analysis and purchase.