• Once you have started to think about selling your business, it’s time to contact Graeme Donaldson who will help you get ready to list your business for sale. Maximum confidentiality is assured with minimum preparation by yourself.
  • Since Donaldson Business Brokers started in 1991, our professional approach and guidance has been provided to a large number of satisfied Buyers. Many clients have relisted their business for sale when it’s time to move on or retire.
  • When listing your business for sale we visit your business (after hours if necessary) for a detailed discussion about your business. This confidential discussion is used as the basis for the description of the business sale listing.
  • All businesses listed for sale with Donaldson Business Brokers receive a business analysis and market place appraisal at NO CHARGE – it’s part of the professional brokerage service provided to sellers.
  • The sale price will be determined, after we collect business data – assets, financials, marketing and operations information, and will be agreed and approved by the seller before the business is listed for sale.
  • Our services to sell your business include a market strategy aimed to attract interested buyers and our in-depth sales expertise will be utilised to get the sale.
  • We prepare a list of the business assets and photograph the key assets for the sale process.
  • Our office will prepare a draft sale contract for the sale